How we started

Strombox was created in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic when our usual retail business of printing & picture framing was impacted due to lockdown restrictions.

We were looking for an alternative product that we could produce and sell online without the need for the traditional 'through-the-door customer', when our designer Joel came up with a solution for a problem he had experienced when purchasing cases for his own module collection and Strombox was conceived.

Many months later, we have designed, tweaked, manufactured, and finalised the design of Strombox to bring out a fresh and innovative approach to Eurorack modular synthesis storage needs.

This new fresh website has been created to highlight and promote Strombox and long-forgotten coding skills (from 30 years ago), have been re-visited to create the custom-made configurator tool.

We hope you enjoy our efforts as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to life.

Why Strombox?


Why not? There's definitely a place for these types of Eurorack synth module cases in the marketplace. 

It's not that there isn't anything out there, we just feel that the choices have either gone impractical & excessively exquisite which is fine if you have cash to burn, or, practical & extremely boring basic boxes made from ply, chipboard, or plastic.

Another option is to make a DIY box yourself which isn't possible for all users unless they are familiar with woodworking or manufacturing.

Strombox has been developed to not only look good, Strombox allows you to start small and basic (SB-1), and expand into a larger box (SB-2), add a skiff and a drawer, and combine the units together with a stand (SB-STs), allowing your storage to grow along with your collection. 

Strombox has also been designed so it's easy to assemble yourself. When ordering the Flat-Pack option, you will receive everything required to make a robust box.

The castle-type slot construction makes assembly simple and adds strength to the finished box.

Finish options include:

Flat-Pack - DIY assembly, The most cost-effective solution.

Assembled - if you don't fancy getting your hands dirty.

Oiled - assembled, oiled & polished.