The SB-S skiff Eurorack synth case has a lower depth profile to accomodate synth modules up to a 60mm depth and is designed to fit at the front of the Strombox.


All Stromboxes are manufactured from 6mm oak veneered MDF, with a further 6mm lining inside the boxes, hidden behind the rails to provide a strong and sleek construction with a quality finish.


Your Strombox can be supplied either:

  • Flat-Packed for home assembly
  • Assembled (Glued and fitted with associated purchased parts)
  • Oiled (Assembled as above, sanded, oiled & polished)


Please note: This unit requires 1x pair of rails (not supplied), rails are available seperately in our shop page.


Additional Strombox units can be assembled together and held in place by the stands SB-STs or SB-STm allowing your storage needs to grow along with your collection of synth modules.


  • Rack Size 3U
    Rack Width 84HP
    Case Width 440mm
    Case Height 144mm
    Case Depth 67mm
    Case Weight 650g